UN Eradication of World Poverty Day, Oct 17th

  • Mother Nature Sculpture

    Mother Nature Sculpture. This piece was funded by the UN Eradication of World Poverty Project and made with the help of the Men's Shed and the Family Resource Centre in The Battery Heights, Athlone.
    Mother Nature Sculpture
  • Planting Heritage Apple Trees

    As part of this project the Family Resource Centre became a member of Seed Savers to create sustainable links and nurture future development and education. We planted a small orchard of Heritage Irish trees, which will hopefully be cared for by the community and provide apples for years to come.
    Planting Heritage Apple Trees
  • The Team

    Official Un-veiling of Mother Nature Sculpture by Lord Mayor of Athlone, Cllr. Tom Farrell and Cllr. Aengus O'Rourke. The two Councillors planted Heritage Apple trees from Seed Savers along with Thomas Berry from the FRC. The school boys from St Peters School planted strawberries in this community sustainable sculpture garden.
    The Team
  • C for Carrot

    Carrot and Cucumber on the stainless steel letter C.
    C for Carrot
  • A for Apple

    Apple and avocado on the stainless steel letter A.
    A for Apple
  • Work in progress

    Coloured cement is being applied to the central mosaic panel and the stainless steel letters are being fixed in position on the plates.
    Work in progress
  • Interactive Sculpture

    In 2014 in Ireland, 1 child out of every 10 lives in consistent poverty. This sculpture represents a 10 sided table with 1 empty plate. Letters of the alphabet threaded with fruit and vegetables made from polymer clay are on the other 9 plates. This suggests that education and good nutrition are key to escaping the poverty trap.
    Interactive Sculpture
  • Together We go Further, Leave No-one behind

    Detail of centre mosaic in sculptural piece
    Together We go Further, Leave No-one behind