Faerie love seats

Custom made seating. These seats can be custom made in any style and a selection are available to hire for events. They are weatherproof, comfortable and very sturdy.

  • The Faerie Queen Seat

    This large love seat was created for festival of the Fires 2012
    120 x 220cm (WxH)
    The Faerie Queen Seat
  • Faerie Love Seats

    The original Faerie Love Seats, designed and created for Festival of the Fires 2012
    Faerie Love Seats
  • Little House

    This weatherproof, sheltered seat is custom built in the style of a little house with a medieval feel. A lovely spot to relax, it is available to hire for events and can be supplied with a small garden if required.
    Little House
  • Wagon Seat

    Sturdy and attractive, this seat is custom made in the shape of a little horse-drawn wagon. It is available to hire for events, and can be supplied with a garden around it. Please e-mail with enquires to patsyprestonart@gmail.com
    120 x 200cm (WxH)
    Wagon Seat